GRIEVANCE DAY (JUNE 15, 2021) Hearings Will Be Streamed Live on Facebook (click here).  

The staff can be contacted as follows:

Rocio Gonzalez: (914) 417-5204 (General Information and Exemptions)

Maria Rappoccio:  (914)-417-5105 (Deeds, Mapping, Exemptions, and Valuation/Assessments)

Sanija ("Sonia") Vulic:  914-417-5314 (General Information and Exemptions)

Gordon Casement:  914-417-5092 (Valuation/Assessments and Property Details/Inventory)

2021 Final Assessment Roll

2021 Tentative Assessment Roll

Village of Port Chester 2021 Change of Assessment Notices

Village of Rye Brook 2021 Change of Assessment Notices

Village of Mamaroneck 2021 Change of Assessment Notices

Filing a Grievance--GRIEVANCE DAY IS JUNE 15, 2021:  

For 2021, the Assessment Office officially accepts grievances between June 1st and June 15th (not before or after).  The deadline to file is June 15, 2021, by no later than 8:00 pm (emails and regular mail must be received by that date/time).  

~ Please keep in mind that when you are challenging your assessment, you need to ask yourself, "could I sell my home for what it is assessed at?". Also, you are contesting your assessment and not your taxes.

~ Click here for a fillable Grievance Form (NYS Complaint on Real Property Assessment RP-524).  For additional information please visit our "Is Your Property Assessment Fair" page.

~ For sales data to support a residential grievance, please refer to the Town's Sales Books (click here for sales data).

~ Grievances (in either paper or scanned [preferred] format) may be submitted to the Town in a number of ways: 

·       Regular Mail

·       Overnight Mail

·       PDFs emailed to NOTE: ALL documents must be in pdf format as ONE document. Piecemeal pages will not be accepted, nor will .jpgs of the document pages.  .Jpgs of photos may be submitted separately, however.

·       Secure physical drop box outside 222 Grace Church Street

·       Drop Box Online [Click Here for DropBox Link]

·       Online Submission through ImageMate Online (full functionality will be available as of Monday, June 7, 2021). INSTRUCTIONS ARE AS FOLLOWS:

To file an individual grievance online, click here: SDG Imagemate Online link

1.     Start by researching your property on SDG Imagemate.

2.     Once you have located your parcel, look for the [DOWNLOAD GRIEVANCE APPLICATION (NYS RP-524) ] button in the middle of the page (left side).

3.     For your convenience, the form is pre-populated with much of your property and assessment data.  

4.     Sign electronically, attach supporting documentation, and submit.

5.     You will receive a written confirmation of your submission.

* IMPORTANT:  FOR COMMERCIAL PROPERTY OWNERS TO BE COMPLIANT with the Town's 2013 Income and Expense Law, commercial property owners must provide income and expenses for the prior calendar year with 7 days of filing a Grievance Application (NYS Form RP-524).

Representatives and Attorneys filing multiple grievances must complete a log of all submissions (click here). For the Excel version please email

 Information for the June 15, 2021 Grievance Day Hearings:  

  • For the June 15, 2021, Grievance Day Hearings, the Board of Assessment  Review (BAR) will continue with a Zoom format, but it will be hybridized with an in-person meeting by the majority of the BAR members. Hearings will be by appointment only.  If you do not have a computer, you will be able to call in. An allotted time (i.e., 10 minutes) will be strictly enforced for each appointment.      
  • To schedule an appointment for June 15th, an online scheduling calendar is available at AppointmentPlus. Appointments will be available on a first come first served basis.
  • You may also contact the Assessment Department at (914) 939-3075 x140 and we can schedule an appointment for you.  

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