The Assessment Roll & Prior Years' Final Rolls

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The Assessment Roll & Prior Years' Final Rolls

2023 Final Assessment Roll

What is an Assessment Roll?

An assessment roll lists basic assessment information for every parcel in a municipality at a specific date.  More detailed property information may be found in our online Parcel Data Search page.

Essentially the "roll" is a printed snapshot in time of the Town's assessment database.  Before the electronic revolution, assessment rolls were printed in large books consisting of thousands of pages.  Nowadays, assessment rolls are available on any municipality's home page in searchable .pdf format (see tips on searching the assessment roll).

The roll includes such basic information as parcel ID (section/block/lot), owner, property address, owner mailing address, assessed value, exemptions, and more.  If you want to learn more about the specific entries in a sample assessment roll, please visit the NYS Department of Tax and Finance's sample excerpt from an assessment roll.

All assessing units publish tentative and final assessment rolls annually.  In The Town of Rye, the tentative roll is published on June 1st every year. At that  time, you can check your assessment, market value and  related information, as  well as review the assessments of other  properties in the community.

Since the Town of Rye assesses at 100% of market value it is important that you check your assessment annually when the tentative roll is published on or about June 1st.  In accordance with NYS Real Property Tax Law, the Town's Grievance Day is always the 3rd Tuesday in June.

Following the publication of the TENTATIVE assessment roll, property owners have  the opportunity to contest their assessments. For more information, please visit our "Is Your Assessment Fair?" page.

After making any necessary adjustments, the FINAL assessment roll is published on September 15th every year.

Each year, property tax bills are based on the information on the final assessment roll.

For specific information regarding tax bills, please contact the Town's Receiver of Taxes at 914-939-3558.

Important Town of Rye Assessment Roll Dates:

Fiscal Year: January 1st - December 31st
Valuation Date: July 1st
Taxable Status Date:  May 1st (also deadline for exemptions)
Tentative Roll:  June 1st
Grievance Day:   3rd Tuesday in June. (Grievances are accepted between June 1 through the 3rd Tuesday in June)
FINAL ROLL: September 15th

Source:  NYS ORPTS Municipal Profile 

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Tips on Searching the Assessment Roll

Depending on the browser you are using, you normally can search a .pdf document by clicking [Edit] and [Find].  In the find box type in part of an owner name (last name only is recommended)OR part of an address (street number plus first 4+ letters of street name).

The more information you put in the find box, the more restrictive the search, the less likely you will find what you are looking for.  Do not include street, drive, circle, place, etc. in the street name. You do not even need to include n., s, e., w., etc.

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