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Tyler 2020 Revaluation Final Reports:

Residential Appraisal Document

Commercial Mass Appraisal Document

NYS Property Tax Resources

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Property Data Search Resources

* SDG Imagemate Property Data Search (Property Data/Property Record Cards, Exemption Information, Tax Bills)*

* CAI Technologies Tax Mapping & GIS

* OARS Online Assessment Roll System (For Property Data Questionnaires, Property Change Requests [Data Mailers], Income & Expense, and More)

Search Tips:

Continue scrolling for tips on searching these links--be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom of this page.

At any point, to go back to the Town's Home Page, click on the Town's logo above.

SDG Imagemate Online

System Development Group's Imagemate Online is linked to the Assessment Office's NYS RPSV4 assessment administration database.

For the most recent and complete OWNERSHIP information visit the SDG link.

The Imagemate Online data is automatically updated every business day with the most recent owner and mailing address information.


as highlighted below:

To search for another property, click on [NAVIGATION]:

The SDG link can provide You with:
  • Property Inventory
  • EXEMPTIONS on a Parcel
  • Current AND Prior Year Assessed Values
  • Assessment History
  • Additional Photos
  • Tax Maps
  • GIS Maps
  • Aerial Maps

CAI Technologies (Tax Mapping & GIS)

(Best source for tax maps)

CAI Technologies is the Town's tax map maintenance company and their site has the most recent tax map information.  Parcels can be searched by owner, address or parcel ID (section/block/lot).

Other map layers are available.  Some of the other maps include contour, community facilities, FEMA (flood), sewer, school, water district, fire district, and more.  

Flood maps may also be searched on FEMA website:

CAI also has measuring tools and individual tax maps can be easily printed.


If you find there is a discrepancy in your property data ("inventory") or sketch, please be sure to contact us as soon as possible, as it is extremely important that we have accurate information. You can use the Inventory Change Request button on the Town's OARS website to do this. Click here for Inventory Change Request Instructions.

Tips on Searching for a Parcel

Depending on the browser you are using, you normally can search a .pdf document by clicking [Edit] and [Find].  In the find box type in part of an owner name (last name only is recommended) OR part of an address (street number plus first 4+ letters of street name).

The more information you put in the find box, the more restrictive the search, the less likely you will find what you are looking for.  Do not include street, drive, circle, place, etc. in the street name.

IMPORTANT:  For streets names preceded by north, south, east or west, be sure to include "N.",  "S.", "E.", or "W." in front of the street name.  

Streets with such directionals include:

N. Barry Avenue

N. Main Street

N. Regent Street

N. Ridge Street

N. Wagner Avenue  

S. Barry Avenue

S. Main Street

S. Regent Street

S. Ridge Street

E. Boston Post Road

E. Broadway

W. William Street

W. Glen Avenue

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