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2019 Final Assessment Roll

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For questions regarding NYS STAR Credit call: 518-457-2036
2019 NYS STAR Check Delivery Schedule: https://www.tax.ny.gov/pit/property/star/star-check-delivery-schedule.htm
For questions regarding NYS Property Tax Relief Credit call: 18-453-8146
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          For Reservations:

Phone: (914) 939-3006

Email: Parksdept@townofryeny.com
 *Please Include Which Park You Are Inquiring About In The Subject Line*

The new rental rates for the Crawford Mansion 
Community Center are listed below!                        

For questions regarding NYS STAR Credit call: 518-457-2036
For questions regarding NYS Property Tax Relief Credit call:

In New York State, under certain criteria, real property may be exempt from taxation.  Most exemptions are partial exemptions.  An exemption reduces one's assessment before the school, town, county, and/or village tax rate is applied to calculate the taxes on a property.  Certain exemptions (like STAR) only apply to school taxes, while others apply to the town, county, and/or village taxes.  

For a helpful overview of exemptions, please visit the NYS Tax Department 4-minute video, entitled "About Property Tax Exemptions" (see link).

The various exemptions have specific eligibility and documentation requirements.  Some of the most common exemptions are noted below. Links to additional exemptions are provided on the right.

STAR Exemption (School Taxes ONLY)

Are you a new STAR applicant?  If so, you need to APPLY for the NYS STAR Credit with New York State Department of Tax & Finance (NYS DTF).

Click here for NYSDTF STAR Exemption Program Information

For questions regarding NYS STAR Credit call: 518-457-2036

For questions regarding NYS Property Tax Relief Credit call: 518-453-8146

Contact: Court Clerk Anne Capeci

Phone: (914) 939-3305

Email: ACapeci@TownofRyeNY.com

Please call the office of the Court Clerk in advance before coming in person.

Please be advised - The Rye Town Court will be closed on the following dates:
Wednesday, October 16

Tuesday, November 12

Wednesday, December 11

Park Rules, Regulations and FAQ's – Park rules have been formulated for the protection of all park users.  Following the rules makes it possible for park users to have a safe and enjoyable experience.  If you have any concerns about the rules or the behavior of anyone in the park, please contact the park director or call (914) 939-3553.

Park rangers patrol the park regularly, but you can also ask for help from other staff, include cashiers, parking attendants, lifeguards, and maintenance workers.  The Park Director’s office is in the administration building, and Park Security Office is in the main bathrooms building just west of the showers.  

Lost and Found and other Assistance Procedures – If you find anything, please return it to any member of the Park staff.  The Lost and Found center is at the Director’s Office in the Administration (towers) building.

Hours of operation - The park is open from dawn to midnight.  All cars must be out of the Park before closing time.  The parking lot opens at 9:00 a.m.  Pedestrian entrances to the Park are located along Dearborn, Forest and Rye Beach Avenues.

Rye Town Park is under the legal jurisdiction of the City of Rye.  Rules particular to the park include the following prohibitions:

- Picnicking without a special permit

- Ball playing

- Glassware

-Loud Radios


-Dogs off the leash are not permitted (except from 6am- 9am in the designated area, with proper registration, see below)

Rules and Regulations For Off-Leash Dogs
  • Dogs may only be off leash between the hours of 6-9 am, in the designated area
  • All dogs must be licensed, current with all shots and healthy
  • Dog owners must register with the Rye City Clerk annually - Phone 914 967-7371 for details
  • Please note: Starting In January 2016 there will be a $25 registration fee
  • Dogs off leash must have a registration tag affixed to collar
  • Maximum number of dogs that any one person shall have custody and control over is three
  • Owners/walkers must not leave dogs unattended and shall have dogs under voice control at all times
  • Owners are legally responsible for their dogs and any injuries caused by them
  • Dogs must be discouraged from digging - owners must fill in any holes their dogs dig
  • Aggressive dogs are not permitted

Download Off Leash Permit Application

Beach Rules & Regulations

Below you will find a full list of rules and regulations that all beach & park goers are to follow. If you have any questions or would like to obtain a list for yourself you can contact the Park at (914) 967-0965.

  1. Glassware and bottles are not permitted on the beach
  2. All Children 16 years and younger MUST be accompanied by an adult at all times
  3. Dogs and other pets are not permitted on the beach and are restricted to the north and west end of the park during the regular bathing season
  4. Loud radios are not permitted - any radio that may be heard from more than a 50 ft. radius may constitute a loud radio
  5. Spear or line fishing is not permitted on the beach
  6. The jetty and rocks are closed to the general public
  7. Ball and frisbee playing are only permitted in the designated areas marked by green flags against the rear walls
  8. No large coolers with alcoholic beverages are permitted on the beach, barbecues are allowed by permit only
  9. No small craft is permitted within the swim areas and must remain a distance of 100 ft. from all safety lines; jet skis must remain a distance of 500 ft. from safety lines
  10. Children under 16 years of age must be at all times accompanied by an adult responsible for their behavior while at the facility
  11. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult down to the water's edge
  12. Children with flotation devices must remain in shallow water, and those under the age of 12 must be supervised by an adult at all times
  13. Nude bathing is not permitted at this facility, nor is any patron to act lewdly or in a lascivious manner or wear a bathing suit that may offend public decency
  14. Patrons may fly a kite in the park only
  15. No diving is permitted at this facility
  16. No Fishing is permitted at this facility in the duck pond or in the Long Island Sound Waters
  17. No hunting or harm of ducks at the duck pond is allowed


The Mission of the Rye Town Sustainability Committee is to advocate for a more sustainable future through public participation and inter-municipal collaboration. The committee will educate Rye Town residents and develop policies that will assist community members to adopt more sustainable practices. This will reduce the Town of Rye's carbon foot print and protect its natural beauty. Like us on Facebook!

Our Members:  

Anthony Baxter, Chairman of the Sustainability Committee
Ashley Welde
Cathy Rosenfeld
Bob Johnson
Katherine Husseini
Katheryn Ritchie
Debbie Reisner


The Town will follow through with the Mission through the following Commitments:

  • Implementing energy efficiency initiatives
  • Decreasing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Promoting waste reduction and recycling
  • Promoting green infrastructure, including electric charging stations
  • Educating the public and raising awareness
  • Exploring best practices and lessons learned from other municipalities and sustainability efforts
  • Collaborating with members of the public and private sector to achieve this vision

Governor Cuomo's Reforming NYS's Energy Vision

City of Rye's Sustainability Plan

The Town of Rye is a Climate Smart Community!

The Sustainability Committee has undertaken a number of commitments to make our community more green and healthy for residents:

•CSC: Pledged to become a certified Climate Smart Community

•CCS: Developing a Community Climate Action plan

•Energy audits: Conducted energy audits of local government buildings

•LED Lights: Upgrading street lamps on Town properties to LED lighting

•Reusable bottle-filling fountains: To be installed at Crawford Park in the Spring of 2018

•Recycling Bins: Placed recycling and trash bins at Rye Town park and Crawford Park in pairs to encourage proper recycling practices.

 •Purchasing Policy: Revising purchasing policies to integrate a variety of social good initiatives: green purchasing; “piggybacking” to limit expensive procurement practices; MWBE utilization; Section 3 (which promotes the use of disadvantaged residents in projects funded by Community Development Block Grant monies; and local purchasing.

 •Education: Providing resources to residents via the Town of Rye website and social media to encourage environmentally-responsible behaviors. Please visit our Facebook Page

Curbside Recycling Rules

Villages in the Town of Rye have “dual-stream recycling.” This means paper waste (paper, magazines, newspapers, boxes, etc.) must be placed separate from commingled waste (hard plastic containers, metal cans and foil, glass, and cartons). 

Click here to view and download recycling guides in English and Spanish:

Guide to Curbside Recycling 

Guia al Reciclaje al Borde de la Calle – Espanol

Plastic dos and don’ts -- > Westchester County

How Do I Recycle?

Disposing of some items is tricky. Batteries, printer cartridges, plastic bags, CFL light bulbs, etc., can all be recycled or disposed of safely when you know ho! 

Refer to these resources for answers to all your recycling questions:

1) The Westchester County 

3) The Rye Sustainability Committee 

4) Bedford 2020 - “Recyclopedia”

What about Ewaste and other Hazardous Waste?

Many types of waste cannot be recycled curbside, and it is also illegal to put them in the trash.  These hazardous wastes include electronics (TVs, computers, personal electronic devices), automotive fluids, pesticides, swimming pool chemicals, tires, etc. Read the full list here:

Hazardous Waste Recycling Guide 

Ewaste can be dropped off at the Department of Public Works in Port Chester at:

82 Fox Island Road, Port Chester

M-F 7:30-11:30am and 12:30-3pm

Sat 7:30-11:30am (April 1 – Dec 1)

Ewaste and other Hazardous materials can also be dropped off by appointment at the County recycling facility in Vallhalla, which also accepts expired or unused medications:

Grasslands Campus

15 Woods Road, Vallahalla

Schedule an appointment at www.westchestergov.com/hmrf or call (914) 813-5425

Past Events

Monday, May 21st - "What's Really On Your Lawn?"

Inaugural  Event!

You do everything you can to keep your family and pets healthy, but what about your lawn? Could fertilizers and pesticides be harmful to you, your children and your pets? Come and learn about alternatives to traditional toxic lawn chemicals to make your lawn healthy and beautiful!

If you missed this event - please click here! This will redirect you to our Youtube Channel where you can view the whole meeting! We hope to see you at our next event!
Where:   Port Chester Senior Center, 222 Grace Church Street At 7:00pm
Intoduction by Committee President
Supervisor Gary Zuckerman &
Committee President Tony Baxter
Edwina Von Gal doing her Introduction



Co-Sponsored by the Rye City Sustainability Committee and Rye Town Sustainability Committee

Hands-on gardening and composting workshop during which you’ll:

• Learn ways to grow nutritious food at home with the focus on 'healthy soil'.

• Explore composting methods that turn your food waste into 'black gold' for your plants.

• Lessons include worm composting, seed starting and gardening without chemical inputs.

• Suitable for all ages (there will be worms ;-)).

Date: Saturday, June 16th 
Location: Under the Rye Town Park pavilion
Digging for worms
Monique giving her presentation!



Have you considered buying a hybrid or electric car but want to know  more before taking the plunge?

Guest Speaker:   Ron Kamen

Ron is the Co-founder of EarthKind, Ron’s passion is clean energy. He brings decades of expertise to developing partnerships between governments, non-profits, businesses, and communities, catalyzing clean energy programs and projects to create a better, more sustainable world.

Event Info:

Thursday, October 11th @ 7pm
Carver Center,  400 Westchester Ave, Port Chester


Some Benefits of choosing electric vehicles:

* Greater efficiency and performance

* Easy maintenance – no oil changes ever

* Reduced cost: state and local tax credits/rebates available

* Better for our air and the environment!

If you missed it, you can view the video by clicking here.

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