Parking Committee Solutions Report

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The Rye Town Park Parking Solutions Committee was tasked by the Rye Town Park Commission to answer their mandate to look into how best to:

1. Maximize designated parking areas to minimize parking on green space

2. Increase safety and efficiency in traffic flow

3. Use technology to streamline operations

Committee members:

  • Emily Hurd - Rye Town Park Commissioner, City of Rye Deputy Mayor
  • Benny Salanitro - Rye Town Park Commissioner, Civil Engineer, Superintendent of Public Works- Scarsdale (ret.)
  • Lindsay Jackson - Town of Rye Board Member
  • Katie Kubursi - Rye Town Park Activist
  • Debbie Reisner - Rye Town Park Commission Secretary
  • Russ Gold - Rye Town Park Activist, co-founder of Rye Town Park Alliance

The Committee has worked together with paid Parking Consultant Rita Azrel. Since their initial meeting in October of 2018 they have steadily progressed to the point where they expect to have significant, positive impact in response to all three mandate points. For the upcoming 2019 park season beginning May 1st, they reasonably expect to be fully automated in the sense that there will no longer be any cash transactions handled by humans; there will be a significant reduction of cars parking on green spaces; traffic flow and patron safety will dramatically improve; operating expenses will be reduced by way of staff reductions as automation technology is implemented.

Please click here to see the full Parking Solutions Report
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