Welcome to the Employee Page! Here you will find resources and documents related to working for the Town of Rye.

COVID-19 Resources

Quarantine for Persons Exposed to COVID-19 

Symptoms of COVID-19

Video Recording of Forum with Dr. Hewlett

Resource Links

Employee Rights Fact Sheet - NON-FEDERAL

Westchester County EAP Page

Acknowledgement Form for Sexual Harassment Training

Anti-Sexual Harassment Policy & Complaint Form

Personnel Policy - updated 2022

TOR Employee Handbook Acknowledgment Form

Memo to Employees Regarding Personnel Policy Changes

Westchester County Civil Service

OSHA Occupational Safety ad Health - Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19

NYSLRS Newsletter - The Update Winter 2021 - 22

Life Insurance Benefit Summary

Life Insurance Enrollment

2023 Health Insurance NYSHIP Enrollment

2023 Shelter Point Insurance

2023 Health Insurance NYSHIP Benefits Information

Rye Town Park

Acknowledgement Form for Sexual Harassment Training

Personnel Manual - adopted by the Rye Town Park Commission 2018

Anti - Sexual Harassment Policy - adopted by the Rye Town Park Commission January 15, 2019

Anti - Sexual Harassment Complaint Form

Important Contact Information

Westchester County EAP Program -   (914) 995-6070

NYSHIP Medical Health Insurance -   (877) 769-7447

Shelter Point Vision Insurance -  (800) 365-4999 or (516) 829-8100

MetLife Dental Insurance - (800) 275-4638, Mybenefits@metlife.com

Debbie Reisner - (914) 939-3553

Office Closing Announcements

Please check this page for announcements that the office might be closed due to inclement weather. If there is no announcement but you are not able to travel to the office:

1. You may work remotely IF your scope of work enables you to do so AND your Department Head approves it.

2. Alternatively, you may take a personal day.

3. Notify Debbie Reisner or Karissa Sprague.

4. You MUST coordinate your plans with your manager

If you need further assistance please contact Debbie Reisner – (917) 817-9796 m or (914) 939-3553 o

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