Legal Notice To Bidders: Crawford Park Pavilion Roof Repair


The Town of Rye, New York, hereby gives notice that SEPARATE sealed bids will be received in the office of the Town Clerk for:

1.         Re-roofing of the Pavilion at Crawford Park located at 122 N. Ridge Street, Rye Brook, NY.

2.         Ventilation System for the Pavilion at Crawford Park located at 122 N. Ridge Street, Rye Brook, NY


CONTRACT DOCUMENTS: Beginning April 5, 2019, upon delivery of a check or money order in the amount of $100 payable to the Town of Rye, the Contract Documents for each bid will be available electronically. Checks/money orders shall be delivered to the offices of Arconics Architecture, P.C., 545½ Westchester Avenue, Rye Brook, NY 10573. All inquiries may be directed to Arconics Architecture, P.C. at (914) 937-5596.

TIME:Sealed bids will be received by the Town of Rye at 222 Grace Church Street, Port Chester, NY 10573 in the Town Clerk’s office until 11:00 AM local time, on Friday,April 26, 2019.  Bids for both projects will be publicly opened and read aloud at that time in the Supervisor’s Office. 

BIDS: All bids shall be addressed to the attention of the Town Clerk, Town of Rye, 222 Grace Church Street, Port Chester, NY 10573,and shall be enclosed, with the name and address of the Bidder and name of the project shown on the outside of the sealed envelope.  On Friday, April 19, 2019 there will be a pre-bid inspection of the project site for both bids. Meeting will convene at 11:00 AM at the Crawford Pavilion in Crawford Park, 122 N. Ridge St., Rye Brook, NY.

BID SECURITY: A certified check or satisfactory bid bond payable to the Town of Rye, in the amount of ten percent (10%) of the bid, shall accompany each bid as a guaranty, that if the bid is accepted, the Bidder will execute and file the contract, the performance bond, and the certificate of insurance, as required by the contract. Should the Bidder fail in meeting this provision, then the amount of the certified check or bid bond will be forfeited to the Town as liquidated damages.

BID WITHDRAWAL: No bid shall be withdrawn for a period of thirty (30) days after the scheduled opening of the bids without the consent of the Town of Rye. Also,no bid can be resubmitted by a bidder that has successfully withdrawn a bid prior to the bid opening.

CONTRACT SECURITY: The Bidder to whom the contract is awarded shall be required to furnish a performance bond acceptable to the Town of Rye for one hundred percent (100%) of the contract price.

IRREGULAR BIDS: Bids may be rejected if they show any omissions, alterations of form, additions not called for, conditional bids or irregularities of any kind.

QUALIFICATIONS OF BIDDERS:All bidders must be regularly engaged in the business of the item that he bids upon. Each bidder must have adequate personnel, equipment, materials, plant capacity and/or delivery capacity to properly execute the item that he bids.The Contractors shall supply labor

properly licensed to work in Westchester County and the Village of Rye Brook for all on-site work.


Any bidder may be required,as deemed necessary by the Architect, to furnish additional data regarding qualification of the bidder to successfully and responsibly perform the item or items upon which he has bid.

MINORITY PARTICIPATION POLICY: It is the policy of the Town of Rye to include minority and women-owned businesses in its solicitations and to take affirmative steps to ensure that M/WBE’s have full participation in the procurement process.


Dated:  April 5, 2019
Hope B. Vespia
Town Clerk
Town of Rye