Visit our Youtube Channel to see discussions regarding the Policy.

Visit our Youtube Channel to see discussions regarding the Policy.

Contact: Court Clerk Anne Capeci

Phone: (914) 939-3305


Please call the office of the Court Clerk in advance before coming in person.

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The goals of the Procurement policy are to provide for sound procurement management processes and procedures; to promote high standards for all business relationships; to promote public policy that is of importance to the Town of Rye (TOR), including environmental stewardship, buying local, and the inclusion of disadvantaged and minority-and women-owned business enterprises (M/WBE) in the procurement process; and to make the purchasing process as competitive and objective as possible.

The objectives of the Procurement Policy are to obtain, on a timely basis, quality products and services as economically as possible, as well as to satisfy the specific needs of the TOR’s various departments. The Procurement Policy is implemented day to day to meet these objectives by the Town's Director of Purchasing. The established purchasing objectives center on the need for efficient and effective operations that are responsive to the TOR’s needs, and practices that promote sound purchasing management that renders the greatest value for the TOR taxpayers’ dollars. With this in mind, the Procurement Policy is charged with accomplishing the following objectives:

• Promote timely procurement of goods and services1 for the daily operation of the TOR;

• Promote prudent spending of the TOR funds by ensuring competition and obtaining maximum value for purchasing dollars spent;

• Promote fair and open competition among vendors in an impartial manner;

• Promote buying practices that encourage ordering materials and services in large quantities and thereby gaining economies of scale;

• Promote environmental stewardship in purchasing;

• Promote the utilization of disadvantaged, M/WBE businesses in purchasing;

• Provide guidance, oversight, and problem resolution to the TOR departments, and ensure compliance with the TOR purchasing policies and procedures;

• Simplify, clarify, and streamline the procurement process of the TOR. Make the purchasing policies and procedures practiced by the TOR as consistent as possible;

• Ensure fair and equitable treatment of all persons/vendors who deal with the TOR;

• Ensure that all interested suppliers understand how to do business with the TOR;

• Maintain liaison with vendors providing goods and services to the TOR, including the resolution of complaints regarding those goods and services;

• Certain financial and proprietary organization data shared in bids and proposals may be treated as confidential by TOR subject to provisions of New York State’s Freedom of Information Law.

Parking and Beach Access Fees For Rye Town Park

The park and beach are open to the general public.  You don’t have to be a resident to use the park.  Persons can pay on a daily basis or purchase season permits, which provide discounts to people planning to use the beach and park frequently.

Residents of Rye City, Port Chester, Rye Brook and Rye Neck get discounts on both daily rates and season permits.

Non-residents of these communities can also buy season permits, at higher rates.

There are three categories of permits for residents and non-residents: Senior, Single, and Family.  

Parking Only permits can also be purchased, which provide for unlimited free parking during the beach season.

Daily rates for parking and beach access are higher on weekends than weekdays.

The daytime parking rates are from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.  Evening parking rates run from 7 p.m. until the park closes.  Daytime beach access rates are from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Late Afternoon beach access rates are from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.  Evening Beach access rates are from 7 p.m until closing. Residents are free after 7 p.m for beach access.

See the complete chart of the 2019 daily and seasonal permit rates on the permits and fees page.

Pre-Season Operations: Starting May 3rd, the permit office is open Wednesdays through Sundays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Pre Season fees are charged for parking starting in April.