Open Water Swimming Program

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2019 Season Permit information & fees

As adopted by the Rye Town Park Commission on March 20, 2019

Permit Office Hours:
Wednesday's through Sunday's - 9:00am to 3:00pm
Date: May 8th to July 14th
Location: 95 Dearborn Avenue, Rye NY - administration building across from the picnic pavilions

Register for a permit HERE 


Senior Permit - $30.00 (includes parking & beach)
Individual Permit - $150.00 (includes parking & beach); $100 (beach only)
Family Permit*- $225.00 (includes parking & beach); $175 (beach only)
Parking Only - $125.00 (includes parking only)


Senior Permit - $125.00 (includes parking & beach); $75 (beach only)
Individual - $350.00 (includes parking & beach); $275 (beach only)
Family Permit*- $450.00 (includes parking & beach); $375 (beach only)

The Park’s Season begins on the Friday before Memorial Day and runs through Labor Day. With weather permitting, the season may be extended. Weather permitting, lifeguards are on duty and the beach is open for swimming from 9 a.m. until dusk. Parking and Beach admission fees will apply . For Tide Information, click here.  

We are upgrading and automating our entire operation!   All patrons (except for Permit Holders) will purchase parking and beach passes from one of three Multi Space Meters (MSM) located inside the park or use the mobile app MPAY2PARK to pay by phone. Starting in 2019, vehicles will be charged and recognized by license plate number.


Residents who wish to take advantage of reduced daily rates can do so by registering their vehicle info using the permit application online at; via mail by returning a completed application; or in person at the park’s Permit Office. Registration is FREE, but MUST be done in advance.

Once approved, you will get the reduced resident-only fees when you visit the park. The MSM and MPAY2PARK app will recognize residents by their license plate #. When you enter your plate #, the reduced rate will appear on the screen (MSM and Pay by Phone) prior to payment.

Permits - now including parking and beach access - can be purchased: online at; via mail by returning a completed application or in person at the park’s Permit Office from 9am - 3pm Wednesdays through Sundays starting May 8th until July 14th.

In an effort to encourage walking and biking to the beach, Beach Only - without parking - permits are available for a $50 discount (except for resident seniors). These permits can be purchased in person at the Permit Office only.

During our Summer Months, the Park hosts many events for all ages. With thanks to our Local Sponsors we have been able to continue events for years and years, and will continue to do so. *More events to come! If you have questions, or an idea for an event, please Email:

Below you will see photos from our 2018 Fall Festival!


Westchester County EAP Program -   (914) 995-6070

NYSHIP Medical Health Insurance -   (877) 769-7447

Shelter Point Vision Insurance -          (800) 365-4999 or (516) 829-8100

OWS is on Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays
Time: 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Starting early summer through September 30th

** In order to register for the Open Water Swimming Program you must first Download and complete this waiver. Please be prepared to upload a copy of the waiver in order to complete your registration.


  • All swimmers must participate at their own risk and sign a waiver
  • Permits Cost $50 and come with: free parking & beach admission, a bright yellow wrist band and swim cap
  • The Open Water Swim wrist band must be presented at the beach entrance to gain free access * swimmers who do not wish to buy a permit have the option to pay the park's standard daily parking and beach admission fee
  • You can register for the permit by clicking the link above, or clicking here
  • At the time of registration for a OWS Permit, you must also upload a copy of the signed waiver
  • The waiver can be obtained by clicking the link above, or clicking here
  • Waivers of swimmers under 18 years of age must have the signature of a parent of guardian and their waivers must be submitted on paper
  • You will be notified via Email if swimming will be cancelled due to weather, water temperatures, or other issues on the day of
  • All swimmers must follow one of two designated courses and everybody swims in the same direction
  • Brightly colored swim caps are mandatory for safety
  • The "in-shore" course is a 1/2 mile rectangle and can be followed at your own pace
  • The "off-shore" course is a 1 mile swim that extends 10ft. beyond the breakwater
  • The "off-shore" group assembles outside the First Aid Office at 6:45PM and splashes together at 7:00PM sharp
  • Each "off-shore" group is accompanied by at least one lifeguard on a kayak or board
  • Rye Town Park posts a lifeguard on the shore

FAQ’s - 2019

1. Where do I get a parking/beach permit?

At the administration building, the building with two towers facing the beach, between the restaurant and Dearborn Ave. - Stay tuned because the permit process may also be available online for the 2019 season

Permits are on sale Wednesdays through Sundays - 9AM - 3PM

2. Who can get a season parking and beach permit?

If you live in the communities of Rye City, Rye Brook, Port Chester or Rye Neck you can get a resident permit.  Other people can get non-resident permits, at somewhat higher prices.

3. Who does my parking/beach permit include?

A. Senior or Individual Permit -- only the person holding the permit;

B. Family Permit - two parents and children under 18 years of age;

4. What about babysitters, grandparents, etc?

They have to pay the non-permit fee or get their own permit.

5. Can I get a permit just for beach access?   No.  What about a permit for parking only? Yes.  Parking permits are $150.00

6. Why do we have to pay for parking?

Parking fees help support the cost of the park and beach operations.  The total budget of operations is over $1 million.  Part of the costs are paid for by taxpayers from Rye City and Rye Town (Port Chester, Rye Brook and Rye Neck).  The rest comes from fees, donations, and volunteer fund-raising efforts.

7. I’m a fireman/policeman/Town/City Employee -- Do I get a discount/free pass?

No. The Rye Town Park Commission is responsible for determining who is eligible for free or discounted admission. 

8. Can I cook on the beach?

Only if you arrange for a rental of the north beach area, and then only after 6 p.m.  Call the Town of Rye Office at (914) 939-3006.

9. Do you have handicapped parking?  Where is the handicapped parking?

There are approximately 25 handicapped spaces in the two sections of the parking lot closest to the beach.  If they are filled, however, we can arrange for dropping a handicapped person off near the beach gate, or transporting a handicapped person who drives from the parking lot to the beach.  You would need to have a cell phone or contact the park office and schedule your visit in advance.  Phone (914) 967-0965.

10. I’m handicapped -- can I park my car right by the middle beach gate?

We can arrange for you to get access to the beach, but we cannot have cars parked in any way that interferes with public safety and access.  For further information, phone the Park Director at (914) 967-0965.

11. Since children under 13 get free admission onto the beach, can I just let my kids go on the beach and I’ll watch them from the park?

No, all children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult on the beach.

12. Can I get my money back if it starts to rain?

Fees are non-refundable. You must use your own judgement regarding paying entrance fees in uncertain weather conditions.  

13. Why can’t I bring my dog onto the beach?

The Commission has set this policy to avoid problem interactions with people and to insure sanitary conditions.  Documented Therapy/Seeing Eye Dogs are permitted. 

14. Why can’t we bring beverages in glass bottles onto the beach?

This rule is to insure the safety of people using the beach.  There can be no exceptions.

15. How can I arrange to have an event at one of the pavilions?

Brochures about renting a pavilion or beach barbecue area are available at the park office and at the offices of Rye Town in Port Chester.  

16. Can I bring a school/camp group here for nature study on the beach?

Yes, but you need to make arrangements in advance.  Call (914) 939-3006.

17. Can I go out and come back later the same day without having to pay again?

Yes, for both parking and beach access.  But you need to have a receipt showing today’s date; you can get this at the parking lot admission booth.  You can leave the beach and come back later the same day for no extra charge by getting a wrist bracelet at the beach access booth

18.No Fishing Allowed

Parking and Beach Access Fees For Rye Town Park

The park and beach are open to the general public.  You don’t have to be a resident to use the park.  Persons can pay on a daily basis or purchase season permits, which provide discounts to people planning to use the beach and park frequently.

Residents of Rye City, Port Chester, Rye Brook and Rye Neck get discounts on both daily rates and season permits.

Non-residents of these communities can also buy season permits, at higher rates.

There are three categories of permits for residents and non-residents: Senior, Single, and Family.  

Parking Only permits can also be purchased, which provide for unlimited free parking during the beach season.

Daily rates for parking and beach access are higher on weekends than weekdays.

The daytime parking rates are from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.  Evening parking rates run from 7 p.m. until the park closes.  Daytime beach access rates are from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Late Afternoon beach access rates are from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.  Evening Beach access rates are from 7 p.m until closing. Residents are free after 7 p.m for beach access.

See the complete chart of the 2019 daily and seasonal permit rates on the permits and fees page.

Pre-Season Operations: Starting May 3rd, the permit office is open Wednesdays through Sundays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Pre Season fees are charged for parking starting in April.