Instructions to Make an Online Tax Payment

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Instructions to Make an Online Tax Payment


Payment Method

Convenience Fee

Credit and Debit

2.35% ($1.95 minimum fee)

ACH/e Check




You are NOT required to create an account to make a payment.


1) Select the kind of tax you will pay.

2) Click on the “Accept” button.

3) Search for your property (by address, name, Tax map ID, bill or account number).

4) On the listing, click on the view button after the red X “unpaid” sign.

5) Click on the “Add to Cart” button.

6) Repeat the steps for additional properties.

7) Once you are ready, click “View Cart” and then “Secure Checkout.”

8) Finally, select payment type, fill the required information and submit your payment.





A) You need to set up an account on the Town of Rye website.

B) On the dashboard, you have to add the parcel ID of the property (County and school taxes are included in the same account, but for the village tax you have to create its own separate account).

C) On the dashboard, click on the “Payment Center” and add a payment method.




1) Sign into your account and follow the instructions.

2) Click on the “Manage Watch List” button.

3) On the listing, click on the right side of the green cart button of the tax to be paid.

4) Once you seethe drop menu, select “Schedule a Payment.”

5) Choose the date on the calendar of when you want the payment to be processed.

6) Finally, you set the payment method you want to use for that date.

* For school and village taxes, you can set only full payments (no instalments).

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