October 23, 2018

The Future is here: Electric Vehicles!

On October 11th, Ron Kamen was invited to give a presentation detailing all the benefits of owning electric vehicles. Mr. Kamen, co-founder of EarthKind Energy, has decades of expertise in community clean energy programs. This event was a great opportunity to learn about the environmental and community benefits of EV technology. In addition, Mr. Kamen spoke about how individuals can take advantage of the many financial incentives available, including tax credits.

Are you interested in purchasing a hybrid or electric vehicle, but you missed the Electric Vehicle presentation? Maybe you attended the event, but feel you missed some important information. The Town of Rye and The Rye Town Sustainability Initiative are pleased to offer a PDF copy of the Powerpoint created by Ron Kamen, and a link to a video of his full presentation. We hope everyone will take advantage of this educational information!

Plug-in to EarthKind Energy's Facebook Page!

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